Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seoul, South Korea, Series Four - N Seoul Tower

10 August today.
Oh my god! It has been one month since I was back from Seoul!
Can't believe time flies! Seriously time flies!!!!
I always feel that time is cruel!

I am old, parents are older, when I see teenagers in their primary or secondary uniform, I will think "I was one of them too, WAS!"
 But it seems like it just happened few days ago! SIGH!

Ok, cut the crap!
So I'm gonna introduce you another SEOUL SIGNATURE MUST GO!

Ya! If you do watch the hottest Korean Drama - You Who Come From Star, you should be quite familiar with this place!
N Seoul Tower!
Koreans do call it Namsan Tower too!

How to get there?
We took subway to MyeongDong Station Line 4 and once you come out from Exit 3, you may see Pacific Hotel and just keep walking up the mount.
There are many traffic wardens there whom you can keep asking along you way up the mount, in case you go the wrong way and waste your time and energy =D
*You know, we had walked too much "innocent road (in Cantonese)" in Seoul, LOL!*
And yeah! Please make sure you have enough energy to get up to the mount where the cable car platform is situated.
Well, if you have enough energy, you may continue HIKE up to the top mount where N Seoul Tower situated.
But I may tell you, the person is definitely not me! haha!

So, here we just go in the cable car platform!

Bought the ticket.
8500 won for round way.
Gentle reminded: you are advised to go on weekday as there will be less crowds so that you don't have to wait in a long queue.
It will not be that relaxing when there are so much crowds as you won't be able to take photos comfortably and enjoy the scene peacefully right? =)

The view from cable car..

Once reached the top of the mount, straight to the LOVE LOCK - where Cheon Song Yi locked her love with Du Manager! hahaha!!

Well, just pattern pattern lah.. I didn't manage to lock any love in Seoul.. LOL!
Then, just bought our ticket to have dinner in HanCook up above the tower and we were able to have priority to take the lift up the tower without queuing up and go in the observatory for FREE.

If you doesn't have your dinner there, then you would need to purchase a ticket to take the lift and enter the observatory area.
You may refer to the fees here: https://www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng/visit/use2.asp

After chilling around for a while, we went up the tower...

Walked down this staircase to enter the entrance.

Entrance to the lift.
The queue is REAL LONG!
Thanks God we decided to have our dinner here else I believe it may took another half an hour to wait for the queue... 


Here is the view from the tower!
This is how Seoul looks like!!!
Trust me, the view looks 100000x times amazing that what you see here!

Some arts around the observatory area...

After some selfies, we were too hungry to not enter the restaurant.

This time, we chose HanCook instead of N Grill where Cheon Song Yi had her dinner with Du Manager for their first and last date where she hoped for some surprises from Du Manager as N Grill's tickets are all FULLY RESERVED and OCCUPIED!
Oh My God!!!!

Well, it's ok, luckily there were still seats available in Han Cook!

The coffee, tea, drinks and ice cream buffet session.

All the Korean tradisional cuisine session.

And below some summaries of our food of that night:
Please don't scroll down if you are hungry now haha!

I guess this was my ONLY SUPER FULL and RELAXING dinner experience in Seoul as most of my time there were either too busy doing shopping, no time for food and just simply took some fast food, can't find a suitable restaurant with attractive food and reasonable price, difficult to communicate with the restaurant waiter/waitresses etc

After the dinner, it was already 10.30 pm and we got to rush to the cable car platform to take the last cable car down the mount unless you want to walk down. =/

Good Bye, N Seoul Tower~~

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seoul, South Korea - Series Three - Gyeongbokgung Palace.

As mention in my post title, this post I'm going to talk about Gyeongbokgung Palace.

If you have not been to Gyeongbokgung, you have not been to Seoul!
Although it was a shopping trip but still such historical LABELLED AS MUST GO building was listed in my itinerary~ (at least a cost saving place haha)

The admission fees is 3000 won per person and if you go in a group of more than 10 person then you can ask for a discount which is only 2400 won per person. 
Well, it was actually very easy to go as you just need to take subway to Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3) and come out from the Exit 5, you willl see this pretty palace~~

But keep in your mind, it is close EVERY TUESDAY! 
So make sure you don't go on Tuesday ya!

Coincidentally a parade was carrying out when we reached the entrance of the palace.
You may refer to my Instagram @mooiwanying if you would like to have a look at the parade's video.

After the parade, we went to purchase the ticket and entered the palace.
Though it was a weekday but still, there were crowds as you know, it is a MUST GO place for tourists LOL!

See!!!! We can't even take a proper individual photo at the entrance!
And then, we saw a group of tourists from CHINA with a tour guide who converse in Mandarin who explain the history and details about each building and yes, we infiltrate into the crowds and listen jek la hahaha~!

By the way, you don't have to do so, there is a free tour guide available there every half an hour but we were just too lazy to wait for the next tour guide so.... haha!

The place where the King and the government servant discussed the politics during the Korean Joseon dynasty year 1392 to 1910.
Im not so clear about the Korean Joseon dynasty history as compared to China so... do more research on your own if you would like to know more then =D

The interior.
Looks so simple as compared to China's golden building with luxurious design right? 
Ya, as per the tour guide, Korean Joseon dynasty preferred thrifty lifestyle.
However, I haven't been to Beijing so can't make any comment on that.

And this is the place which its function was to entertain the official guests and to held those appreciation dinner etc.
And we actually went to the so call "back garden" where the King's wifeSSSSSS stayed but all the buildings are actually almost the same and looked quite old and not so attractive la as you know, these buildings were actually reconstructed by the Government and some were still in progress especially the back garden.
so not much photos taken =)

That's all for today.
See you~~

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Seoul, South Korea - Series Two - Everland.

As promised, I'm back~
A must go theme park in Seoul, Everland!!!
Arghh but talking about this, it made me feel so miserable especially when thinking about the experience of journey back from Everland to our hostel! =/ =/

Well, I believe that most of us do "homework" before your trip right? unless you are following tour which they arrange everything for you.
Thus, there is no exception for me.
And as per google, "Exit 1 – Gangbyeon Station Line 2. Take bus 5800 to Everland. (Travel time: 50min)"

Okay, that's what I get from google and what others sharing.
So, just follow, we took the subway to Gangbyeon Station and looking for bus station but who knows, we spent around 30minutes asking those KoreanSSSSS on the street and subway "WHERE IS THE BUS 5800 STATION LOCATED?" (As for your information, they have bus station A, B, C and until ....... And these bus stations are not all at the same location! Complicated!)
 and got NO ANSWER until our Miss Chew found out it was actually at the opposite road! GOSHHH!!!!!

And we were so angry when we actually have such dialogue:
 "WHAT THE HELL, stay in Korea so long, the bus station is just opposite also dunno! 
"Yalah! Stupid one! Their brains don't know put what one!" 
Opppssss hahaha too angry..

Then we started searching for bus 5800 and thanks god we finally found a "seng mok" (cantonese) lady who can speak UNDERSTANDABLE English and told us that bus 5800 is no longer operating, instead you should take bus 1113 (Okay, here comes again, there are bus 1113-1, 1113-2 and no ending again....) 
And luckily we do ask the bus driver when bus 1113-1 arrived "EVERLAND?" "NO NO!"
So came down from the bus again, so please be alert, when I say 1113, means 1113!!! Else you are gonna be in trouble again.

And there is a board like in subway station listing those bus arriving time and we realized the bus is going to arrive in 30minutes time! 
And again, the impatient me was like OMG!!!! OR WE JUST TAKE TAXI la! Suan le!
But thinking that the journey is going to be like almost 1 hour and how much bomb it is going to cost us if we take taxi, then we were like okaylah suan le! Take photo while waiting lah!
And here is the selfie time hahaha!!!

And soon, the bus arrived and it took around 1 hour and 15minutes to reach Everland. 
It is the last station of that bus route so don't worry, the bus driver will rush you down.
So if you don't know when to come down from the bus, just sit back, relax and wait him to rush you down! LOL!!
As the bus will not directly drop you in front the Everland, instead at a bus station where everyone is waiting for the Everland free shuttle bus with the employees in Everland uniform assisting you, so no worries.
The shuttle bus is quite frequent where we don't even have to wait for a single minute and it took around 10 minutes to arrive the entrance of Everland!

It was like hours and hours of waiting, sitting, waiting and here we are!!!!!
So, please make sure you wake up early on the day you wish to visit Everland!!!!
I remember that we actually came out from our hostel at 10 something in the morning and reach there by 1something in the afternoon! (serious time consuming!!)
*Everland's operating time is from 10am to 10pm (Korea Time which is one hour ahead Malaysia time)*
However, please do visit the Zoo Area first as all the rides closed down by 7pm
(What we don't manage to complete arghhh!!! Wasted!!!)

 Purchase ticket first...
And if you notice, it is 46000 won per person but luckily I did some homework in Everland official website which they offer some promotion price for the foreigner who show their passport while purchasing the tickets to enjoy a promotion price at only 37000 won per person.
Weeee 9000 won (Approximately RM30 saved!)
Again, the ticket seller will not tell you about this promotion unless you asked her.
So, lesson of the day: always do homework! (unless you are lucky to read my blog lah  hahaha jkjk)

And oh ya, Everland is located slightly above the hill so the weather there is kind of chilling even it was a summer. And it was seriously COLD after 7pm!!!!! Especially when it was raining the day I visited! sigh!

 Study the guide first...
It was super duper HUGE as compared to other theme park I had visited so far such as Singapore USS, Jakarta that one (forget name d), Taiwan EDA Themepark etc
So be equipped with a good stamina and shoe!
The day which I walked so much!!!!!!!

And still remember the long journey where we haven't have our lunch?
So, settle stomach first before we conquer the roller coaster lah! =DDD

After the lunch, let's begin our journey~~~

So beautiful right?
And I WAS SO GERAM!!!!!! Did you notice the purple colour roller coaster behind the garden??
ARGHHHHH!!!!!!! Feel like punching the management!!!!!!!!! 

Forget about it, see some flowers and take some instagram photos lah!! hahahah

 Me and Ms Chew.
We hardly take a photo together (ignore those selfies lah) due to this Honey Moon trip which only both of us and we can only I help you take, you help me take! LOL!!!

 The tourist shot 
(must have one lah - with sunglasses, cap and the tourist pose)

Then, coincidentally watched a parade on the street.
(Again, for your information: there are many shows and parade but we only managed to catch this lame one =.= due to the distance between one location and another location where our low stamina doesn't allow us to run here and there! *self slaps! waste money again!*)

Then, after the visit, cupid pray (there is a cupid garden there), instagram photo taking etc.....
Hungry again... So we took this cable car down to get some snacks.

And yeah, this cable car is exposed one.
So if you are afraid of height, then no way, like I said, prepare your stamina and WALK LAH!

And soon after some rides which I didn't take much photos to share with you guys (impossible selfie when you are on a thunder coaster or bumper car right?), it turns into night time... 
And so bad... start raining.....
where we managed to catch another parade on our way back.

So pretty right?
It must be better without the rain sigh!
And a gentle reminder:
How you come, then how you back!
Dont act hero like me! I was like aya, lazy wait for the 1113 bus again lah, and since got other bus as long as it can reach any subway station then we can transit transit and back to our hostel lah!
And here comes the miserable experience!
The bus driver drop us at a station so call have SUBWAY STATION when it was raining.
No umbrella, cold, hungry, tired, in a heavy rain and we RAN WITH OUR OWN LEG like almost 20 minutes journey until we met a HANDSOME guy who can speak SUPER FLUENT ENGLISH who direct us to the Subway station!
But too bad, WHY ON EARTH WE ONLY MEET HANDSOME GUY when we are so battered and exhausted!!! BIG SIGH!!!

So, in case you might meet your white prince there (Oh the Du Manager~~~), remember, how you come, how you back! LOL!!!

Stay tune for next upcoming post~!!