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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seoul, South Korea, Series Four - N Seoul Tower

10 August today.
Oh my god! It has been one month since I was back from Seoul!
Can't believe time flies! Seriously time flies!!!!
I always feel that time is cruel!

I am old, parents are older, when I see teenagers in their primary or secondary uniform, I will think "I was one of them too, WAS!"
 But it seems like it just happened few days ago! SIGH!

Ok, cut the crap!
So I'm gonna introduce you another SEOUL SIGNATURE MUST GO!

Ya! If you do watch the hottest Korean Drama - You Who Come From Star, you should be quite familiar with this place!
N Seoul Tower!
Koreans do call it Namsan Tower too!

How to get there?
We took subway to MyeongDong Station Line 4 and once you come out from Exit 3, you may see Pacific Hotel and just keep walking up the mount.
There are many traffic wardens there whom you can keep asking along you way up the mount, in case you go the wrong way and waste your time and energy =D
*You know, we had walked too much "innocent road (in Cantonese)" in Seoul, LOL!*
And yeah! Please make sure you have enough energy to get up to the mount where the cable car platform is situated.
Well, if you have enough energy, you may continue HIKE up to the top mount where N Seoul Tower situated.
But I may tell you, the person is definitely not me! haha!

So, here we just go in the cable car platform!

Bought the ticket.
8500 won for round way.
Gentle reminded: you are advised to go on weekday as there will be less crowds so that you don't have to wait in a long queue.
It will not be that relaxing when there are so much crowds as you won't be able to take photos comfortably and enjoy the scene peacefully right? =)

The view from cable car..

Once reached the top of the mount, straight to the LOVE LOCK - where Cheon Song Yi locked her love with Du Manager! hahaha!!

Well, just pattern pattern lah.. I didn't manage to lock any love in Seoul.. LOL!
Then, just bought our ticket to have dinner in HanCook up above the tower and we were able to have priority to take the lift up the tower without queuing up and go in the observatory for FREE.

If you doesn't have your dinner there, then you would need to purchase a ticket to take the lift and enter the observatory area.
You may refer to the fees here: https://www.nseoultower.co.kr/eng/visit/use2.asp

After chilling around for a while, we went up the tower...

Walked down this staircase to enter the entrance.

Entrance to the lift.
The queue is REAL LONG!
Thanks God we decided to have our dinner here else I believe it may took another half an hour to wait for the queue... 


Here is the view from the tower!
This is how Seoul looks like!!!
Trust me, the view looks 100000x times amazing that what you see here!

Some arts around the observatory area...

After some selfies, we were too hungry to not enter the restaurant.

This time, we chose HanCook instead of N Grill where Cheon Song Yi had her dinner with Du Manager for their first and last date where she hoped for some surprises from Du Manager as N Grill's tickets are all FULLY RESERVED and OCCUPIED!
Oh My God!!!!

Well, it's ok, luckily there were still seats available in Han Cook!

The coffee, tea, drinks and ice cream buffet session.

All the Korean tradisional cuisine session.

And below some summaries of our food of that night:
Please don't scroll down if you are hungry now haha!

I guess this was my ONLY SUPER FULL and RELAXING dinner experience in Seoul as most of my time there were either too busy doing shopping, no time for food and just simply took some fast food, can't find a suitable restaurant with attractive food and reasonable price, difficult to communicate with the restaurant waiter/waitresses etc

After the dinner, it was already 10.30 pm and we got to rush to the cable car platform to take the last cable car down the mount unless you want to walk down. =/

Good Bye, N Seoul Tower~~

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